Do You Still Need a Website in 2018?

There are endless ways for you to gain a presence online. With a litany of available social media channels, many are sharing their products and services and reaching audiences all over the world. Some have opted not to have a business website, relying only on videos or social media posts to build awareness. Still, there are some key reasons why having a company website is important.

While a social media presence may introduce someone to your business, consumers are using Google or other search engines to find solutions and to get more information on a business they may be interested in. A company website lends to credibility when consumers are doing research and it can be optimized for search, pointing people to the products and services you offer when they have buying intent. With an estimated 1.79 billion digital buyers online in 2018, having a website will make it easier many of them to find and do business with you.

A website is accessible 24/7 and can act as a customer service resource for your business. It can answer questions about products and services, provide location details, and share your process for how people can engage in working with you. It could contain a portfolio, testimonials, case studies, or other social proof to build trust and make doing business with you more attractive.

Websites Build Awareness and Trust

Since marketing is a top priority, leveraging a website to build awareness and share content that is useful to your audience should be as well. A website should share your unique value proposition, display your visual brand elements, products and services, and outline your mission so that it is clear who you are, who you help and how you serve. By blogging, you provide users with company news, tools and tips that make their lives easier, and position yourself as a trusted resource. Hubspot says that companies that blogged more than 11x a month saw 3-4x more traffic than those not blogging making the case that using a website as a content publishing platform is great for business. This information builds awareness, grows trust, and positions your business for sales.

With the popularity of online business, many use a website to manage their entire businesses operation. With a transaction-ready site like an ecommerce platform or site that can capture leads, email addresses, and appointment bookings, a website can meet almost all of a visitor’s needs. A functional website can process payments, collect customer information and handle customer service inquires, all of which can be automated. With such a website, a business can create passive income, making money around the clock.

Websites Gather Meaningful Data About Your Customers

Since the best business decisions are backed by data, a website can be a resource for collecting and analyzing information. A website can track customer location, pages visited, product popularity, inventory sold and other vital information. It can track the lifetime value of a customer, conversion rates, user flow and can inform decisions on design layout and the products and services customers are most interested in. Additionally, with tracking codes from your social sites installed on your website, you can have a 360 degree look on how your marketing and sales are performing.

There are ample reasons for having a website. Strengthen your presence on the web by having us develop a beautiful and functional website for your business today!

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