Gimme Bar vs Zootool

I have been on the lookout for a good bookmarking site – something that does more than bookmarking links. I wanted to save inspiration, photos, videos, and maybe even code. I hate just signing up for sites because I usually lose interest in about a week, but I need a place to store inspiration and was having a hard time deciding between Zootool and Gimme Bar… so I signed up for both. I liked how Zootool had a mobile app, which could be very useful, and I liked how Gimme Bar backs up your favorites to Dropbox (which is an awesome app, if you don’t use it Sign Up right away!).

I will be spending the next few days, or weeks, testing out each app to find out which best suits my needs. I have heard a lot of good stuff about Gimme Bar, but have not heard a lot about Zootool.

Give us a follow or something on either site, here are our profiles: Zootool & Gimme Bar. Also, feel free to share your preference, or any other bookmarking site you prefer.