Channel Islands Adventure Co

Updating a travel tours website

Art Direction, UI/UX Design, Web Development
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Some of the most beautiful views in the world can be found in Channel Islands National Park. As an Authorized Concessionaire in Channel Islands National Park, Channel Islands Adventure Co. guides you for a fun day of cave exploration and more.

Their Story

CIACO has been leading tours and exploring the waters of Santa Cruz Island since 2010, taking tens of thousands of visitors kayaking in the island waters and sea caves each year.

Their mission is to inspire a love of nature in and around the Channel Islands National Park.

The Challenge

The Channel Islands Adventure Co. needed to update an old touring website, so we helped come up with a couple different layouts to set them apart and fit their needs in the travel industry. We then brought it to the web with front-end coding and custom Wordpress theme development made just for their kayaking and snorkel rental website.

We had a blast working with this Santa Barbara company on a new web design project. Their mission and values towards nature and the wildlife in the area are just as amazing as the tours they offer. This is the third project we have built together.

We performed web design and development services to bring a new tourist website to the web. We also helped with SEO, SEM, and website optimization for speedy searches.


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