Curate Biosciences

Building a website from the ground up

Web Design, Front-End Dev, Custom Wordpress Site
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Curate Bio advances cell therapy applications with their Cell Processing System. Dramatically improving washing, separation and concentration of cell products for advanced cell therapy. This technologically advanced bioscience company needed a website to fit their product.

Their Story

Curate Biosciences needed a way to announce their new brand name (previously known as GPB Scientific, Inc.), and a website to show off their new bioscience technology.

The Challenge

Re-branding and changing company names presents many challenges. The design side of things had be different but partly the same as the old brand's website to give a sense of familiarity. We feel like we delivered in this custom designed website!

We also helped with server migration and redirecting their old website to the new. Overall, the move was seamless and traffic even went up with the new web design.

We performed web design and development for this new Carlsbad, California bioscience brand. Check out their site, or contact us today for website design in Carlsbad.


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