Developing a biological engineering website

Front-End & Wordpress Development

Neochromosome is a trailblazer in synthetic DNA and cell engineering services. Their mission is to enable groundbreaking scientific research, develop sustainable products, and explore novel therapeutics that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Their Story

A subsidiary of Opentrons Labworks out of New York, NY. Neo leverages Opentrons’ robotics and automation for its world class genome foundry.

Through their expertise in synthetic biology, Neochromosome offers a range of services that empower researchers, companies, and organizations to pursue innovative projects and tackle complex challenges. 

The Challenge

Neochromosome entrusted us with an exciting challenge: completely redeveloping their brand new website design. Their outdated website, built with traditional hard-coded HTML pages, no longer reflected their innovative spirit. They needed a website that would not only captivate visitors but also provide a seamless user experience.

We took it as an opportunity to showcase our dev chops building their site from scratch, coding the design ourselves. With a visually stunning and highly functional website, integrated with the latest front-end technologies and powered by WordPress for easy content management, we delivered a seamless user experience that perfectly captures Neochromosome's innovative spirit. The result is a website that not only highlights their expanding services but also reflects their commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific research.

This Wordpress development website for the New York based biological engineering company took some time to get right. We were happy with the Wordpress website, as were the clients, and continue to support them with Wordpress maintenance and services.

Every element, from the sleek and modern design (by koolgirlposse of NY) to the intuitive way to display informational content, was meticulously planned and executed. We integrated the latest front-end technologies, optimizing their website for performance and responsiveness across all devices. Visitors can now explore Neochromosome's offerings effortlessly. Also, Neochromosome's team can now update and manage their website's content, ensuring that their online presence remains dynamic and up to date. The end result? A visually striking website that not only showcases Neochromosome's expanding services but also reflects their innovative spirit. The new website is a testament to Neochromosome's commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific research.

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