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Developing a flight training website

Front-End & Wordpress Development
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Sawyer Aviation has been dedicated to excellence in serving the aviation community and meeting your needs since 1961. They recently launched Sawyer Flight Academy, their flight training and aircraft rental company.

Their Story

Part of Sawyer Aviation, Sawyer Flight Academy has over sixty years of experience teaching the art of flight. They now train pilots, day and night, out of Scottsdale, AZ.

The Challenge

Sawyer Flight Academy was opening their doors for their new aviation offerings when they came to us to re-develop their website. Yes, re-develop. The previous Wordpress development agency was not able to fully deliver the website how the experience should have been, leaving Sawyer stuck with a sub-par Wordpress website right before the launch of their new venture! We worked quickly to start over, coding the design from scratch, to get the front-end and Wordpress side of things up and ready for their launch date!

This Wordpress development website for the Scottsdale, AZ based flight academy took some time to get right. We had galleries and offset and overlaid design elements to bring the flight experience to the website. We were happy with the website, as were the clients, and continue to support them with Wordpress maintenance and services.

We brought the Adobe XD design (by koolgirlposse of NY) to the web with the latest and greatest coding methods today. The site is very image and video heavy, but we worked our magic to get the elements loading quickly providing an amazing experience and selling aircraft rentals and filling up the flight training bookings calendar.


  • Wordpress Migration
  • Git Control
  • Website Hosting
  • Wordpress Development
  • Front-End CSS and jQuery
  • Website Optimization

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