The Whole Child

The Whole Child, a nonprofit organization that assists at-risk families in raising healthy children and providing families with safe homes, reached out to Spark Creative to redesign their website in a way that highlights their mission and showcases their charitable efforts. Spark Creative’s approach to nonprofit company web design provides visitors with information about the organization’s history, their credentials, and resources for contributing to the cause.

The website, which features a custom WordPress theme and front-end coding, is easy to navigate and caters not only to those who need assistance, but also to those who want to donate or work for the nonprofit. At the top of each page is a convenient link to receiving help through The Whole Child along with a collapsible menu that directs visitors to straight-forward information on how to support to the nonprofit, how to contact the organization, and how to join the team as a staff member.

The dynamic slider on the homepage provides Whole Child’s core mission statement along with links to their progress reports and flyers for upcoming events. Animated infographics are utilized to emphasize how large of an impact the organization has made on the community it serves. The use of video background to show stories of families benefited by the organization is more expressive and powerful compared to relying solely on static images.

By also performing speed optimization, we were able to build a feature-rich site for a nonprofit with a lot of data without slow load times.

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