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Put some Creativity in Your Website Design

It’s becoming increasingly important to make your website design stand out in a crowded markets. The best websites employ creative design to achieve this distinction, whether through the use of dynamic and interactive features, or a careful positioning of brand values across different platforms. Moreover, some of the most creative websites currently available are designed…

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Getting Started with Responsive Web Design

Here at Spark, we don’t focus on web design trends – but, responsive web design seems to be more of progression towards usability rather than another trend. I am sure some day we will stop talking about it so much, but only because it will be the norm in web design due to the many platforms…

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Awesome Examples of Responsive Web Design

Web design has changed a lot in the past few years. With the use of “Responsive Design“, designing different websites for mobile, browser, and now tablets is a thing of the past. Front-End Web Developers can now design the site using CSS Media-Queries to get their design to adapt to the many different size browsers…

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