Getting Started with Responsive Web Design

Here at Spark, we don’t focus on web design trends – but, responsive web design seems to be more of progression towards usability rather than another trend. I am sure some day we will stop talking about it so much, but only because it will be the norm in web design due to the many platforms we all use.

Nevertheless, the transition to responsive web design is still relatively new. So we, at Spark Creative, are going to  help you learn more about it – faster and easier. We put together a collection of Responsive Web Design Templates, Frameworks, and Guides we found useful, to get you started in making websites responsive.

Guides and Articles

Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design

Beginners guide to responsive web design

Content Choreography

Trent Waltons Content Choreography

Templates and Frameworks

1140 CSS Grid

1140 CSS Grid for Responsive Web Design

Less Framework

Less Framework is a responsive template for web and mobile web

Mobile Boilerplate

Mobile Boilerplate for Responsive Design


Skeleton i an excellent responsive template to help you get started with responsive design

Tiny Fluid Grid

Tiny Fluid Grid, web designers in Riverside CA


9 thoughts on “Getting Started with Responsive Web Design

  1. Some truly great designs you got there. Thanks for sharing, I really liked the Tiny Fluid Grid. So simple, yet so effective.

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