Choosing the Best Keywords for SEO

Choosing the best keywords for your website is crucial in search engine optimization.

Keyword targeting is essential because SEO efforts can take time and energy, and you want to be sure that you’re rewarded with relevant search engine traffic. Therefore, it is important to find words that aren’t too competitive but provide good search traffic.

The process of choosing the right keywords for your website is essential in search engine optimization. SEO Keywords are the foundation of your business’ success.

Keyword selection takes careful planning and research. Piling every possible descriptor together or choosing only one keyword and hoping for the best will not cut it. The best keywords are concise, descriptive phases that match exactly what your business offers and how your customers search for it. Relevant keywords should indicate if your business is local and demonstrates a nice balance of competition and popularity.

Select Your Core Product/Service

1. Define how your target customers will search for your business. (eg Attorney Services)
2. Add Modifiers (eg Target Market – City, Industry Terms – Tax Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney, Family Law)
3. Research Competition & Traffic – Use the Google Keywords Tool to ensure your keywords follow this formula Highest Click Through Rate, Highest Search Volume, Lowest Competition, Lowest Cost.
4. Commit to 5-6 keywords that hit that “sweet spot” based on the above formula. Review and stay focused on this strategy for 4-6 months.

Make sure you sprinkle your keywords into your page’s copy at a keyword density of 3-7%. Less than 3% and it will not have an impact. More than 7% could be viewed as “keyword stuffing” by the search engines with a negative outcome in page ranking

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