What is the Significance of Psychology of Color In Logo Designs?

Each color has its own meaning and significance, which effects in unique way in viewers’ mind. Different colors are used for serving different purposes and communicate in different way with the audience. Using proper color is the key to the successful design of a logo. A logo is used to convey company’s mission and message to the target user. It is very important to understand the inner meaning and perception of the basic colors to design the layout of a logo. All logo design reviews suggest selecting of proper color for its proper interpretation by the viewers. Here is how color psychology works:

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Intense red is the color for blood. It signifies action, energy, enthusiasm, strength and vigour. Red is the most common color in roses and symbolizes love and passion. It is also an auspicious color and selected as the color for bridal dresses in many countries. The logos designed in red get the best attention of the viewers and mostly conveys the aggressive business policy of the company.


Pink is a delicate feminine color that portrays romantic love, softness, innocence, delicacy and serenity. Pink is often used to design the logo for girly products and also symbolizes breast cancer awareness programs.


Orange is vibrant and cheerful color. It is a mixture of red and yellow and share the characteristic of both the colors. It depicts youthfulness, vibrancy, flamboyance, versatility, enthusiasm, potency and playfulness. Orange is mostly targeted to attract customers of young generation, who are generally jovial and love the fun and enjoyment.


Bright yellow is color of sunshine. It denotes brightness, warmth and purity. It is the color liked by creative and intelligent people. Yellow portrays happiness, energy, respect, optimism, wisdom, confidence and glory. But yellow is also a contradictory color and if not used properly, it can convey some negative meanings like jealousy, betrayal, dishonesty, mellowness and hatred.


Green is the color of Mother Nature. Grasses and leaves are green and gives comfort to eyes. Green is interpreted as a color of growth, success, freshness, endurance, safety, friendliness and confidence. It also symbolizes good health, growth and fertility. Green logos are widely used by natural products and by the companies who want to portray their eco-friendly image to the market. This color should also be carefully used, as it also depicts inexperience and jealousy.


Blue is the royal color and symbolizes for authority. It is also the coolest color as skies and oceans all are blue and provides a soothing relaxing effect. Blue denotes loyalty, trust, responsibility and confidence as well as wisdom, creativity, gentleness, patience, harmony and intelligence. The companies, which are well-known for reliability and trustworthiness of their brands, generally use blue as the centre color of their logo. Blue is extensively used in logos of medical and Government organizations and fortune 500 companies.


Purple is the blend of blue and red and it has both the authority and power of red and cool and peace of blue. Purple is a majestic color, which also denotes spirituality and mystery. Purple signifies sophistication, fame, empathy, sensuality, knowledge, dignity, spiritual power, elegance and luxury. Purple is often used in the logos of luxurious products and also for many educational institutions.


Brown is the color of wood and earth. It is a solid, reliable color with a masculine touch. It also denotes warmth, simplicity and neutrality. Brown logos are widely used in food, construction and legal agencies.


Grey stands somewhere between black and white and denotes some mysterious mixture of good and evil. Grey is also a neutral, masculine color and it denotes the sombreness, practicality, dullness and stability, which are suitable for corporate world.


Black is the most conservative color that denotes authority, formality and tradition. On one hand it depicts boldness, sophistication and simplicity, while on other hand it symbolizes negativity, death and fear. Most corporate logos are designed in black to show their credibility, seriousness, tradition and power.


White is the color of peace, prosperity and purity. It is the mixture of all colors. White represents purity, innocence, cleanliness, virginity, sterility, tranquility, spirituality and positivity. White dresses are worn by brides, priests and medical personnel. White can be used as background colors in the logo or as text-color on bright backgrounds.

Play with your color palette before creating the logo for your company. Know the mission and motto of the company you are designing the logo for. Try to relate the message with the color so that the targeted customers get the perfect essence of the company.

Summary: All colors have their own significance and meaning. color design reviews show that every company selects appropriate color to design the logo, so that it can convey the central mission to the viewers.

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