5 Things You Should Include In A Travel and Tourism Website

The travel and tourism industry is big business, with U.S. travelers spending over $2 billion a day according to the U.S. Travel Association. Mobile searches and online travel booking are on the rise, so how can you take advantage of that and attract guests to your travel and tourism business? Here are five things you should do to attract and convert traffic with your travel and tourism website.

Provide Answers with Search Optimized Content

Last minute travel searches are increasing and only 9% of travelers know what brands they want to book prior to researching. To get the attention of potential buyers, optimize your website for search engines. Employ local SEO basics by writing navigation menus, page titles and blog content related to popular search queries about your location, service or tour activity. Images, pages and posts should include meta descriptions, tags and categories. Doing so will improve your search ranking and draw visitors to your business.

Art Smart uses search optimized content to attract visitors
Art Smart uses search optimized content to attract visitors

Make An Impression With High Resolution Images or Video

Travelers are seeking memorable experiences and there is no better way to capture the beauty of a travel destination, the action of adventure or set the expectation for a local tour than using captivating photography or video. Once visitors arrive to your website, you want to keep them there with full-width hero images, image sliders or photo blog headers. If you wish to use video, it can be incorporated as a background or embedded to pages.

tour company web design company
Santa Barbara Adventure Company shows clients what they can expect

Tell Them More About The Experience With Location & Tour Details

Once visitors reach your site, convert them by providing detailed information about the travel destination and your service or tour. Details should include your address, phone number, hours of operation, pricing, availability, and a deeper explanation of what they can expect if they booked with you. Encourage a transaction by including reservation buttons with a clear calls-to-action on each product page.

best travel tourism website design
Channel Islands Adventure Company breaks down answers to their Frequently Asked Questions

Build Confidence With Customer Reviews & Business Accreditations

Travelers rely on popular review sites to help them make buying decisions. Include positive reviews, noteworthy press and accreditations from reputable agencies to build the confidence of potential buyers. This information can be presented with testimonial cards, badges, star ratings, or in a newsroom. Also include links to your company’s social media accounts for honest comments from previous guests and more convincing multimedia content.

displaying trip advisor reviews website
Art Smart is displays it’s Trip Advisor reviews

Lock in Guests By Making Booking Easy

Online travel reservations should be easy to encourage conversions. Whether you employ a travel reservation WordPress plugin or another third-party solution to make this possible, your booking tool may feature product listings and options, payment gateways and integration with other hardware. The solution should provide a seamless experience so visitors don’t have to leave your site, click through multiple pages, or scroll endlessly in order to make a reservation.

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Channel Islands Adventure Company makes booking a breeze

Making a great first impression is vital to your success. As spending increases for domestic and international travel, give your company a boost by making your travel and tourism website ready for business. If you need help, contact us today.

5 Things You Should Include In A Travel and Tourism Website

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