3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Southern California Web Designer

If your brand is based in Southern California, you likely want to work with a local web design partner who understands your industry, your brand, and California’s unique visual aesthetic and communication style. You want a web professional that can capture SoCal’s beachy, vacation-worthy vibes, holistic lifestyle or the technology of Silicon Beach. You would want them to build a beautiful and functional site that tells your brand story, attracts leads, drives sales, and organically grows your business.

What are some ways to identify a good partner for web design and development company in the Golden State? We at Spark Creative – a website agency in Temecula, CA, nestled between Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego – recommend three things you should look for when choosing someone to build your website.

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Industry Expertise

When sourcing a someone to build your site, you should look for a designer with knowledge of your industry. If they’ve already worked within your niche, they likely have a solid idea on how to create something that fits the needs of your business. At the same time, they can develop a website that stands apart from others within your space. The ideal vendor will have done extensive research and can recommend custom solutions to help you capture leads, advertise your services, and convert visitors, because they’ve successfully done so with other businesses in your field.

Portfolio & Design Style

Another important aspect to consider is a web designer or an agency’s body of work. Take a thorough look at the previous websites they’ve worked on. A portfolio that showcases a wide variety of designs demonstrates their ability to meet the unique needs their clients’ brands. Communication is key here. Schedule a meeting with your local team to discuss your ideas. You want to ask questions to make sure your designer can meet your needs and is provided with the information needed to match your goals. In addition to being able to match your brand’s aesthetic, their design approach should also be user-centered for visitors. This means part of their goal should be your website’s usability and providing the information to satisfy their needs.

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Consider how accessible the designer is for support. You may want to make changes to your website as time goes on, so it’s important to know what changes require payment, and what changes can be made at no expense to the client. If there’s technical information you have trouble understanding, or custom web tools you’re unfamiliar with, they should be able to explain them to you and supply you with the necessary information to use those tools independently when needed. It’s also important to consider whether your web designer or developer is an individual or a team. If they’re an individual, will they have the availability to offer you support when needed? If they’re a team, are they an in-house team that will be regularly available, or a collection of freelancers that will be gone a month after the project? The Spark Creative team offers ongoing support and maintenance for most websites, let’s find a solution that works for your website.

We know there are a tons of choices for web designers in Southern California:

It’s important to do your research to find a web design agency that is a fit for your company. Asking potential agencies for a website design request for proposal, or website design rfp, can help you in the selection process.

If you need support designing and developing an eye-catching website, contact Spark Creative today.

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