5 Ways to Guarantee Brand Consistency

A solid brand can have a substantial impact on being able to beat out competitors, being recognizable at-a-glance, and gaining loyal customers. One way to build a rock hard brand is to establish one based on customer data, amplify it through key marketing channels, and be consistent. How can you guarantee your brand consistency and why is this so important?

Establish messaging and visual identity

One of the best ways to assure the consistency of your brand is to formally establish what your brand is.
Go through a product marketing process to carve out the positioning, audience and visual brand identity for your company. These would affect all touchpoints where your brand is communicated including ad copy, press kits, logos, icons, patterns, fonts, colors, photography, websites and social media.

ensure brand consistency is a brand or style guide

Create brand guidelines

One tool for ensuring brand consistency is a brand or style guide. Once brand communications and visual identity is established, these should be documented in a guide, including appropriate and inappropriate uses for each element. Some brands include this in their media kits especially so branding stays consistent when a third-party is involved. Still others leverage editorial guidelines to make sure all communications are consistent, especially for blog copy or when writers are brought in to develop content for the brand. The key is to make sure expectations around the brand are documented and available to guide others’ work.

Use a digital asset manager for keeping track of creative

Since internal and external teams may need access to brand assets, a digital asset manager may come in handy. With all documents and graphics searchable and easily accessible, official assets are able to be used rather than someone trying to develop and use their version. While common cloud storage solutions can be used, a digital asset manager is best used for this case as files can be tagged and indexed, making a needed file easier to locate.

Build in processes that keep everyone on the same page

Tools for brand management are only as good as the people who use them, so build in processes around brand asset management. Some find it helpful to include training around brand communications as part of employee onboarding. Still, it may be helpful to share details around the brand using creative briefs and sharing links to approved uses for brand assets. Other things, like setting up email signatures, creating handbooks, and other documents may be left to a team member who is responsible for making sure items meet brand guidelines.

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Other things to consider

In addition to positioning statements, copy, and visual identity, it is important to also make sure company information, staff, titles, addresses, customer support numbers, or other details are consistent. This would make sure the right information is available to the public and prevents confusion.

The value of brand consistency is summed up with telling the same story in the same way no matter where it is being told. This consistency means security for loyal customers and increases the trust and reliability of your brand. If you need help crafting a memorable brand, contact Spark Creative today.

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