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How To Craft The Perfect Blog Post for Your Business

Content marketing is a powerful way to market your business online. While social media updates, email marketing and livestreams should be a part of a content marketing program, blogging can be the most beneficial. Blogs can boost your ranking in Google, attract repeat visitors to your website, and build customer confidence. If you’ve never blogged…

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What is the Significance of Psychology of Color In Logo Designs?

Each color has its own meaning and significance, which effects in unique way in viewers’ mind. Different colors are used for serving different purposes and communicate in different way with the audience. Using proper color is the key to the successful design of a logo. A logo is used to convey company’s mission and message to the target user.…

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A Letter From Tim Cook on Maps

Not many companies would issue a formal apology for making an average product, instead of an exceptional one. Humble and honest – that is why Apple wins.

From a Designer’s Mind

As designers, we design things for the purpose of solving a problem. When we begin a project, we look at the problem and imagine how we could solve or improve it by using color, shapes, typography, images, and especially layout and organization. We don’t just design, we take the project as whole into consideration and…

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Finding Quality Within Web Design: Tips and Examples

What is quality? Quality (qual·i·ty = degree of excellence), is a word that people use to describe something that is well made, well thought out, and better than most. Many people use quality to describe their services, or products. How does quality relate to web design? Well, not all websites are made equal or with…

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8 Ways to Spark Creative Ideas

We have all been stuck on a project. Usually we end up looking at the computer monitor, waiting for an idea to pop up on our screen. How can we spark true creativity? Here are 8 ways to spark creativity in your design work that work for us. Image by: Mirco Zett 1. Expose yourself…

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Gimme Bar vs Zootool

I have been on the lookout for a good bookmarking site – something that does more than bookmarking links. I wanted to save inspiration, photos, videos, and maybe even code. I hate just signing up for sites because I usually lose interest in about a week, but I need a place to store inspiration and…

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Inspiration: Chameleon Portrait

While checking out dribbble, we came across this amazing dribbble shot of a chameleon portrait, which led us to the process video on Vimeo. Thought you might enjoy it too, check them out!

Awesome Examples of Responsive Web Design

Web design has changed a lot in the past few years. With the use of “Responsive Design“, designing different websites for mobile, browser, and now tablets is a thing of the past. Front-End Web Developers can now design the site using CSS Media-Queries to get their design to adapt to the many different size browsers…

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Spark Creative featured on CSSMania

Our new site just launched yesterday, and it is already featured on CSSMania, the ‘global leader of the CSS Gallery Websites’. Thanks for the shout out, CSSMania!