From a Designer’s Mind

As designers, we design things for the purpose of solving a problem. When we begin a project, we look at the problem and imagine how we could solve or improve it by using color, shapes, typography, images, and especially layout and organization. We don’t just design, we take the project as whole into consideration and try to make it usable or memorable. Spark Creative, your California web and brand specialists will insight you on the designers process.

Where do we start?

We look at the problem, usually a website design that is outdated and not working for a business, and think about ways we could make it better. Not just visually but functionally.

Then, we start with sketches. Nothing is more inspiring than working with a pencil (or pen) and paper. We do a few quick sketches of web design layouts, or many quick sketches if we are coming up with branding. Working off-screen helps our creativity flow without the distractions and limits of being on the computer, and is much quicker too.

Once we agree on a sketch, we move to the computer for a quick composition. If it is a logo design (like our latest design for a tax company logo), we usually trace the sketch and clean it up a bit for critique. Once critique is finished and things look how we want them to, we polish the design up and finalize it for review with the client.

Do designers all work the same?

Each designer is different and works in their own way, and that is what makes designers so unique. There is not a correct way for designers to work. Some designers work best with loud music around them and some work better in silent calm situations. Some begin by drawing out their ideas like we do, and some go straight to the computer, and some even go straight to designing in the browser. No matter how a designer plans out or begins their work, the creativity of a designer seems limitless. Also, all designers think about which colors would work best, where white-space is needed, which typeface fits the design and is easy to read, and much more are constantly going through designer’s minds while they work.

Inspiration is also an important process in design. Without inspiration, a designer can stare at a blank screen for hours. Designers are constantly looking for inspiration around them, as it is very important to keep their work fresh and flowing. Inspiration can be found anywhere in anything, such as a photograph, drawings, music, vacations, food, sleep, plants – just about anything. No matter where the inspiration comes from, the outcome of the design can be breathtaking and unique.

Every designer knows that once they share their ideas of the concepts with other designers, the critiquing begins. Depending on the feedback received, this process can be frustrating or exciting. Sometimes designers will agree with the comments and adjust their piece, and sometimes they fight for what they think is right.

As a web and graphic design firm, we are constantly thinking about design and what next great thing we can come up with next. We are inspired by the world around us and look for ways to make an ordinary design great. We are creative problem solvers.

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