How to Prepare Your WooCommerce Website for Shoppers

You’re finally ready to launch your business and share your WooCommerce website with the world. You have your business ideas typed out, and you’re looking to gain clients through your online store. The WordPress platform allows you to do just that without stressing out over the complexities of developing and coding a WordPress website alone.

WordPress websites give you the ability to create and customize your new online blog, business, or brand with ease and functionality at the forefront. For over 15 years, the WordPress (WordPress Dot Org) company has offered dedicated users simple and stable ways to share their creativity and talents while making money and building sustainable businesses. From simplicity for users to necessary themes and plugins, the WordPress company brings the best to you for easy-to-maneuver options.

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So, you’re ready to have shoppers find you, and pay you for your products or programs. Here’s how to ensure your business is showing up when potential customers search for what you have to offer. With these three major steps, have the right people visiting your site and clicking the “Add to Cart” button in no time.

Make It Easy for Them to Find You

Using keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the easiest ways to ensure you’re showing up when potential customers go to Google, or even a search engine for charity, looking for what you sell. SEO and keywords are verified terms and phrases search engines have identified for certain industries. Big These keywords and phrases are based on data analytics, user input, and trending elements within an industry. An SEO friendly website will increase traffic to your site and maximize your conversion rates. The best ways to optimize your WooCommerce, or WordPress, website are to:

  • include important tags to images, webpages, and product details
  • complete an in-depth keyword search
  • make sure they those keywords and phrases appear in your website’s copy and content

Have the Cart Ready for Shoppers

In order for your website visitors to shop, you must have your website prepared for shoppers. Could you imagine going into your favorite store without any options for collecting everything you want to buy? Your website must include the same elements for shopping that you may find in a traditional brick and mortar store. Here are 4 ways to have your website ready for shoppers:

  • Choose a theme for your website that speaks to your company’s overall mood and focus
  • Install Woocommerce and additional plugins needed to create a smooth buying process
  • Use clear and relevant photos to enhance the customer experience
  • Add content to encourage your visitors to add your items to their carts

Create the Best Window Shopping Experience

  • Share compelling content on social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram
  • Use simple and clear permalinks to ensure your customers can find what they are shopping for once they exit social media pages
  • Identify your buying community through market research and demographics (scope out your competitors; determine your target market; create strong Calls to Action—CTAs)

If improving your WooCommerce website is a little too overwhelming, let the pros handle it. Contact us today.

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