Five Benefits of Having Your Business Website Built With WordPress

One of the first things business owners do to hang their shingle is get a site up on the web. Some time after using drag-and-drop web builders like Wix or Weebly to get something up fast, it becomes clear that they need something more flexible, robust and simplifies how they manage their business online. One website platform–Wordpress–meets the challenge, adding increased functionality and scalability so that growing businesses have a website that works at every stage of their business.

Here’s five reasons getting a custom WordPress website developed makes sense for your business:

Wordpress options with plugins and theme designs

Endless Design Options

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, web designers and developers come together to offer a range of prebuilt layouts and themes. While you’re able to preselect a theme from a number of WordPress directories, your web design and development team can build a custom website that meets your company’s unique brand aesthetic and desire for a user interface that is both beautiful and functional.

Easily Manage Content

In the past, website content could only be edited by your web designer or someone who knew HTML. With WordPress, you’re able to manage your content easily. Additionally, you’re able to assign roles for team members so that they can update content without a fuss. As a content management system (CMS), WordPress not only is a flexible website platform that can handle functional requirements for a business website, but it can also house a company blog.

Wordpress design and development agency


Users access websites from a variety of devices. WordPress websites are responsive, allowing your website to display and operate effectively regardless of the screen size and dimensions of of a users desktop, mobile phone or tablet.


Organic search is one of the highest sources of website traffic, beating out social media marketing in getting people to your website. WordPress is built in a way that makes updating tags, titles, headings, and descriptions needed for SEO easy. Other technical requirements for SEO, including XML sitemaps or use of keywords is made easy with a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO.

Function and Flexibility

As a business grows and changes, so do the needs of the company website. WordPress is scalable in terms of the resources needed to manage and load your website. The function of your website can be extended with nearly 55,000 plugins, some of which can turn your website into an online store, travel and tourism website, or one that can manage nonprofit donations. Can’t find a plugin that does exactly what you need? A WordPress developer can modify a plugin or custom build what you need.


Popular web builders can help you get a website up easily, but they are not portable. WordPress websites can be backed up, downloaded and migrated if they need to. Did your business name change? A Wordpress website can be migrated onto a new domain that matches your new company name without the need to rebuild and start over from scratch. The same is true if you decide to change website hosting companies.

WordPress powers 33% of the world’s websites with over 19 million users, including websites for CNN, USA Today and Time. Join the ranks with a custom built WordPress site by contacting us today.

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