List Your Business on Google

Google Maps, found in the the  Google Places for Business, supplies an excellent submission tool to get your business found locally.

Why should you list your business on Google Maps?

1. It won’t cost you a thing. You can create and display a business listing for free. Period.

2. You’ll reach qualified prospects. There’s a very good chance that lots of people are currently searching on Google Maps for the products and services you offer. Why not make it easy for them to find you?

3. You can offer coupons for free. Displayed in your listing on Google Maps, coupons can reward loyal customers and attract new ones.

4. You have full control over your listing. With Google Maps, you don’t have to worry about publishing deadlines or outdated content. After we initially verify your address, you can edit your listing whenever you like. You’ll see your changes reflected in the search results within six weeks.

5. You can manage listings for businesses of any size. Whether you have one business location or one on every block, you can manage your listings from a single account. (If you have more than ten locations, you can make updates by sending Google a data file.)