How To Get Started With A Google For Nonprofits Grant

When running a nonprofit organization, you might run into the challenge of gaining access to productivity tools and resources that also fit your nonprofit’s budget. Thankfully, Google offers these beneficial resources entirely free as part of Google for Nonprofits. This article will go more into what this program is, its benefits, and how to apply.

What is Google for Nonprofits?

Google for Nonprofits is a collection of productivity tools and resources to help you expand your nonprofit’s reach, provide information about your cause, and attract volunteers and supporters. Google typically offers these products through business licenses at varying costs. However, they are offered for free if you are an eligible nonprofit charitable organization. Let’s go into more detail about these products.

Productivity Tools

Your nonprofit team can obtain free access to Google Workspaces, a suite of business applications that allow your team to collaborate on word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You’ll also be able to conduct video meetings with up to 100 participants, share events, create webpages for your organization, and put together survey forms. Upon signing up, your team will be provided 30GB of free cloud storage. This can eliminate the need to invest in pricey data storage solutions. All of these tools also come with comprehensive controls for security management as well as access to product support.

Nonprofit Resources

In addition to Google Workspaces, your team will be able to utilize resources that can help expand your nonprofit’s reach:

  • Google Ad Grants – This gives you access to $10,000 of in-kind advertising each month to produce text-based ads. This can help your team build campaigns to display alongside Google Search results related to your nonprofit.
  • YouTube Nonprofit Program – Your team will have access to Creator Academy lessons to learn how to create content for your nonprofit. Included is access to shoot and edit videos at any of YouTube’s creator studios located around the world. In addition, YouTube Giving fundraising tools make it possible to place donation buttons for your videos. Cards can also be inserted into your videos to link supporters to more information about your nonprofit and your cause.
  • Google Earth and Maps Tools – These tools allow you to visualize your nonprofit’s impact as well as offer virtual tours for supporters. Additional features include being able to share data on your own custom maps and assist people in locating local community programs.

Don’t let the large amount of tools and resources overwhelm you. Google also has learning resources to help your team become proficient in their programs.

How to Apply

Google for Nonprofits is available for nonprofit charitable organizations that are in good standing and meet their respective country’s eligibility requirements. Governmental entities, healthcare organizations, and academic institutions are excluded from eligibility.

Once you’ve confirmed your organization’s eligibility, visit Google for Nonprofits and send a request for an account. Upon verification, you’ll be able to activate and utilize the included tools and resources. If your non-profit would like help getting started with Google for Nonprofits, contact us today.

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