Six ways of Conveying Your Ideas to Your Web Designer

Advancements in the field of Information Technology have made it imperative for big, medium and small business houses from all over the world to take the initiative to establish their online presence. This is the best way to reach out to worldwide clients and increase the return on investment. However, in order to successfully promote your business in the virtual world you would be in need of an attractive website which will allure more potential visitors to your website.

All entrepreneurs have a rough idea about how they want their company’s website to appear, but giving form and shape to your vision would not be an easy task. To realize this vision, the entrepreneurs must clearly convey their expectations to the web designers.

Here are six effective ways which will help you to convey your expectations to your web designers properly:

Write Down Your Ideas

Penning down your thoughts is much better than verbal communication. So write down about all the features that you want in your website as well as a brief sketch about the design of the website. This would be of great help for avoiding miscommunication and it would also serve as a reference point for future accountability on the part of the web designer.

Prepare A List of Websites You Like

Since you are not aware of the technical terms of web designing, it will be obviously difficult for you to explain what you exactly want. The best way to deal with this problem is to prepare a list of the websites you like and highlight the elements that attracted you most in these sites. It will also provide the designers with a brief idea about your personal taste and preference and in realizing your vision.

Sketching a Sitemap

Sitemap is the basic framework, on which the entire website is built. Sitemaps help in identifying the scope of the website. A slight change in the sitemap will bring about a lot of changes in the menu setting of the site. Therefore, you must co-ordinate with your web designer to decide on the sitemap of your website as it will help in identifying the different links present on the homepage and thereafter develop the website.

Request for a Web Design Questionnaire

Usually web designers present before their clients a long questionnaire in which many basic questions about the features of a website is present. Starting from the color and font preference to layout style, theme of the website and other aspects are present on the web design questionnaire.

So ask for a questionnaire from your designer as it helps in providing the designer with an overall idea about the client’s expectation and thereafter provide the developer with the opportunity to innovate within the preset boundary.

Supply with Other Advertising Materials

If your company has some corporate or product brochures, pamphlets, a particular logo design or other advertising materials, then you should share all these materials with the web designers. It will help the designers to get a fair idea about your taste and develop a website belonging to the similar theme.

Be In Touch

You should be in constant touch with your web designer and also take up the initiative to check the developments and progress report of your website after an interval of a certain period of time. In this way you will be able to give positive feedback to the web designer, and see your vision materialize gradually step by step.

Each and every website is different and is developed keeping in mind the target clients. Therefore you must at first set your future goals and expectations from the online presence and thereafter develop the website accordingly. So choose a professional designer with considerable experience to develop your company’s website and follow these simple but effective ways to convey your ideas and see your vision materialize slowly but surely.

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