4 Tips For Creating A High Converting Website

These days, absolutely everyone has a website for their business but the problem is, a lot of these websites do virtually nothing for a lot of those businesses. This is because businesses don’t really focus on the idea of conversions when they ‘re creating a website and to be honest, this is a huge mistake.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your website should be converting visitors to customers as otherwise, it’s completely pointless. Obviously, if you run an ecommerce site, this is exceptionally important but even if you run a small local business, your website should be there to convert as many visitors as possible to paying customers/clients.

But how exactly do you go about increasing your websites conversion rate? Well, there are a lot of different things that you can do and in this post, I’m going to highlight a few of the best techniques to help you out.

1. Keep The Design Simple And Straightforward

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Personally, this is something that I believe every website should strive to do but if you spend any time browsing the internet at all, you’ll quickly see that a lot of websites don’t seem to have this idea at the root of their design. A lot of websites are cluttered, difficult to navigate and overall, annoying to visit.

The thing is, for a lot of people that visit your website, it will likely be the first time they’re ever introduced to your business so you need to make a great impression. If you can make a great impression and impress them with your overall website design, then you’re going to have a much easier job converting them into paying customers as they’ll instantly trust you and your business.

If you want people to click a certain button on your website, make this button prominent in the design. For example, make it stand out from the webpage with the use of bold colours. If you want people to call your businesses phone number to obtain a quote, make sure this stands out.

Taking simple steps like this will almost always lead to an increase in your conversion rate.

2. Use Eye-Catching Graphics

If your website is dull, boring and uninspiring, why would a customer feel compelled to make a purchase? They wouldn’t. So, to make sure that your website stands out from the crowd and also makes the visitor feel compelled into making a purchase, you can use high quality, eye-catching graphics.

I think one of the best examples of this technique in action is on the fashion website, Mr Porter. As you can see from the homepage image below, you’re instantly presented with eye-catching and high quality imagery when you visit the website which not only showcases the various products on offer, but also, conveys the idea of a high quality brand and makes you click deeper into the website.

Eye-Catching Graphics on MrPorter.com

Source: MrPorter.com

Of course, a lot of other websites use imagery too, but I just think this is a great example. By using imagery like this on your website, you make potential customers feel more compelled to purchase your products, sign up to an email list or whatever else might be your end goal.

3. Use Videos

A lot of brands are incorporating video into their websites these days and there’s a good reason for this; it improves conversions. Clearly, there are a few instances in which using video might not improve conversions, but generally, this is the case.

For example, the well known online retailer, Zappos.com now uses videos to help increase the conversion rates for a lot of their products. As you can see from the image below, they use a product video to show potential customers the product in more detail. The image shows a short video in which the Levi Jeans are portrayed in greater detail by a model.

Video marketing on zappos.com

Source: Zappos.com

This helps give customers a better idea of what the product is like and thus, leads to more purchases.

The important thing to remember is that this technique can be utilized for just about any business, you don’t have to be a fashion retailer or even an eCommerce site, videos can improve conversions for almost everyone.

4. Hire A Copywriter

Believe it or not, the actual words on your website will make a huge different when it comes to conversion rates. If you’ve written the content on your website yourself, it’s probably pretty good and explains to people what you do, what your business is all about and so forth.

However, this isn’t always the best way to sell your products and services. By hiring a copywriter, you’ll basically be hiring someone who knows how to write copy that sells. This is a technique that not many people can do well but if you utilize it, it will definitely lead to more conversions.

Copywritter warrior forum

Source: WarriorForum

A good example of great copy in action is on WarriorForum.com. Essentially, this is a forum in which sellers can create special offers and sell their products and services to visitors. As you can see from the image above, sellers put a lot of time into their product listings and this is because the better the listing is, the more customers will be enticed into buying their product.

The image uses eye-catching headlines such as “If you lost everything today and were down to your last $200, what would you do? What could you do?”. This conveys a sense of urgency and urges the visitor to read more.

It’s a clever technique and although great copy writing can be costly, it’s often well worth it.


Clearly, this isn’t all there is to conversion rate optimization and another important point would be to ensure that you test every method of optimization that you implement. For example, if you add a video to one of your pages, you need to test whether this has a positive or negative effect on your conversion rate. Were more customers purchasing your products before you added the video or after?

Without tracking which tactics increase or decrease conversion rates, you’ll be left in the dark about what to do next so clearly, it’s a hugely important thing to remember.

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