Everyone Converts!

This is a slideshow from Ian Lurie’s presentation, “Let go of the wire blow up the link building”, given at Distilled’s SEO Meetup in September of 2012. I receive a lot of questions from my clients about how they should market their website, and how they can get traffic to their newly designed websites. Whether they are selling a product, or showcasing their photography work – this article/slideshow will help them get started in the right direction, and hopefully they will avoid buying links and cheap marketing content.

So, I’d share this interesting slideshow here. Check it out!

Create marketable content

Don’t build a marketing strategy around ‘cranking out’ content. Build your strategy around creating marketable content. That means good stuff. This isn’t the focus of this talk, so I’m not going to go into more details. Hopefully you know the difference between marketable content and total dreck.

Build authority through conversion

THIS is what I’m talking about tonight: Build authority by starting with the assumption that everyone converts in some way. Everyvisitor to your site should read something, or share it, or ‘like’ it, or subscribe to your blog/newsletter, or request info, or buy…Everyone converts, somehow. That’s the goal.

Market your content

To do that, you start with marketable content. Then you market it.

CONTENT MARKETING: Building authority for your site and your brand by creating & promoting fantastic content.

NOT CONTENT MARKETING: Writing one 500-word blog post per day, for as little money as possible, then announcing it to my 10 Twitter followers.
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The rule

EVERYONE CONVERTS. Everyone converts, reads, shares, subscribes, links, buys your product.

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