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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Southern California Web Designer

If your brand is based in Southern California, you likely want to work with a local web design partner who understands your industry, your brand, and California’s unique visual aesthetic and communication style. You want a web professional that can capture SoCal’s beachy, vacation-worthy vibes, holistic lifestyle or the technology of Silicon Beach. You would…

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5 Things You Should Include In A Travel and Tourism Website

The travel and tourism industry is big business, with U.S. travelers spending over $2 billion a day according to the U.S. Travel Association. Mobile searches and online travel booking are on the rise, so how can you take advantage of that and attract guests to your travel and tourism business? Here are five things you…

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FREE California Bear Flag Vector

The cool peeps from Vecteezy hooked Spark Creative up with an exclusive California bear flag vector set to share with our readers. The set include .AI, .PSD, .EPS and .PNG versions of the California Flag/Logo. The download link and preview are below, and you can check out Vecteezy for more vector freebies. Download California Flag…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Designing Infographics

It is true that content is king when it comes to the successful promotion of brand, but the most important step here is that you have to make your content more attractive. One way to do this is with the use of infographics. I am sure most people have seen an infographic before, but how…

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Six ways of Conveying Your Ideas to Your Web Designer

Advancements in the field of Information Technology have made it imperative for big, medium and small business houses from all over the world to take the initiative to establish their online presence. This is the best way to reach out to worldwide clients and increase the return on investment. However, in order to successfully promote…

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4 Tips For Creating A High Converting Website

These days, absolutely everyone has a website for their business but the problem is, a lot of these websites do virtually nothing for a lot of those businesses. This is because businesses don’t really focus on the idea of conversions when they ‘re creating a website and to be honest, this is a huge mistake.…

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Put some Creativity in Your Website Design

It’s becoming increasingly important to make your website design stand out in a crowded markets. The best websites employ creative design to achieve this distinction, whether through the use of dynamic and interactive features, or a careful positioning of brand values across different platforms. Moreover, some of the most creative websites currently available are designed…

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What is the Significance of Psychology of Color In Logo Designs?

Each color has its own meaning and significance, which effects in unique way in viewers’ mind. Different colors are used for serving different purposes and communicate in different way with the audience. Using proper color is the key to the successful design of a logo. A logo is used to convey company’s mission and message to the target user.…

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A Letter From Tim Cook on Maps

Not many companies would issue a formal apology for making an average product, instead of an exceptional one. Humble and honest – that is why Apple wins.